Zibro (

“Boroljub knows how and manage to get the best performance from each student. He transmit his experience, it is not just a simple session. He ensures that students feel at ease very quickly because he adapts. You can have confidence in the seriousness and quality of his courses. He is a real comrade in arms with whom you feel supported!”

Andreas Ciolek

“I was quite happy with his work. First, we played some games against each other and he told me, where my weaknesses could be. That was good. He asked me what I want to learn and he worked about the topic. His English is good and it was fun to work with him.”

Rishi (ICC)

“Boro is one of the BEST coaches out there on ICC , with a superb teaching style with live conversation with you. He will not let you go until you thoroughly understand about every aspect he covers of the game. He takes full responsibility to improve your game in quick time. I will recommend every aspiring chess player to take his coaching, you will never regret in life. Thank you Boro for all your help to me in improving my chess!!”

Rajesh Upadhyay

“Boro is a very unique coach in the sense that he will get to your levels and plans his lessons accordingly. He is exceptionally benevolent when it comes to your time with him ending and will continue beyond the session hours without any fuss about overshooting the time. He is obviously very strong and has a lot to offer if one is willing. An exceptional experience for me!”

Mateusz Paszewski

“Boroljub Zlatanovic is a great coach with deep understanding of chess. He explains details very simple, also he is always willing to help or just chat anytime!
After just few sessions working with him i increase my chess level very much.So i strongly recommend him to anyone who want to improve chess level!”

Adam Vogelsinger

“He has opened my eyes on learning endgames and middle game theory. I made real progress after his great tips!”