18 Sep 2016

Excellent performance at the First league of central Serbia

At just finished  First league of central Serbia I played on the third board for my club “Radnicki – Vodovod”. I played some very interesting games in my style, patiently, not risky, as I always prefer in team competitions. Result…

27 Jul 2016

Good performance at Open Championship of Macedonia

I have participated in Open Championship of Macedonia, which was held since July 16th to July 24th in wonderful city of Struga, placed on amazing Ohrid Lake. I started with four wins, and in next five games I scored 5…

13 Apr 2016

Certified FIDE Trainer!

In March 2016. FIDE confirmed I obtained title “FIDE Trainer”. Seminar was held in Jagodina, Serbia, 6-8th November, 2015. FIDE confirmed I successfully passed exams and finally verified FIDE Trainer title in March 2016! My licence is valid until 2016,…

01 Apr 2016

Open Karpos, Skopje, 2016

At  April the 1st will start amazing open tournament “Open Karpos”. Tournament “Open Karpos” will take place in Skopje, capital of Macedonia. I will participate together with some friends and with one of my the most prosperous students, Sander Bachaus from…

01 Oct 2014

Central Serbia first league

Since Sept 13th to Sept 21 Central Serbia fist league would be held in City of Kraljevo. Actually, this is Serbian second league. I will play on the first board for my club, “Radnicki – Vodovod 2”. This is very…

01 Aug 2014

Official ICC Vendor

Since August 2014 I am an Official ICC Vendor. This will be great chance for me and my carrer… ICC is one of most respectable and most popular chess sites. There You can find many interesting things. For more informations…

01 Jun 2014

Serbian first league

Since Aug 30th to Sept 9th, Serbian First league will be held at Palic Lake, near Subotica. My club, “Radnicki – Vodovod”, Kragujevac will try to take its first title. Club would be best ranked, leaded by Hungarian young genius…

01 May 2014

Open “Karpos” 2014

In Open “Karpos” I played freestyle, sharper than ever, and some very interesting games were producted… Especially in last two rounds. Final score was 5.5 out of 9, not so bad, but not sufficient for taking a prize. Open “Karpos”…

01 Oct 2013

“Zanosh 2” IM tournament

In October 2013 I have participated international tournament “Zanosh 2”. Without serious problems, playing very well I shared first place and took second IM norm. http://www.chess-results.com/tnr113054.aspx?lan=1&art=4&fed=SRB&flag=30&wi=821

01 Mar 2013

First international tournament “Radnicki – Vodovod”

In March I have participated International tournament “Radnicki – Vodovod”. I started very well, scoring 3.5 out of 4 and later playing more carefully I made 5 draws in row, which was enough for getting last IM-norm! In last two…