01 Dec 2016

World Championship match Carlsen – Karjakin

I must admit, just ended match for chess crown between Carlsen and Karjakin was perhaps most boring in chess history… but not the end! There are many reasons for that… Carlsen played without risk, perhaps wanted smoothly to go to…

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01 Feb 2015

Brilliant Giri’s and So’s performance in Wijk aan Zee

Tata Steel tournament was held in January in Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands. Very interesting tournament, many sharp games, many blunders… And two completely new chess superstars shined tournament: Wesley So and Anish Giri. Many people could predict Giri’s amazing performance,…

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12 Dec 2014

Anand vs. Carlsen match, Sochi 12.12.2014.

Anand and Carlsen played their rematch in November in Sochi, Russia. Not so easily, Carlsen eventually won match 6.5 : 4.5. Although, Anand, after first being defeated, instantly equalised and even missed enormous chance to get top. Later, Carlsen simply…

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15 Sep 2014

Amazing Caruana’s performance in Sinquefield cup 15.09.2014.

In August and September Sinquefield cup took place in USA. Absolutely brilliant performance by Fabiano Caruana definitely will be remembered. Caruana started with 7 consecutive wins and ended tournament with 3 draws, making best performance ever in chess after round…

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15 Jun 2014

Carlsen in Shamkir – shame for him!

In Spring 2015. Vugar Gashimov Memorial was held in City of Shamkir, Azerbaijan. Magnus Carlsen relatively easily won the tournament scoring 6.5 / 10. But, I wan to write about something different. Just take look on photo on next link:…