03 May 2022

Great series of video-courses!

In last few years I recorded many great video-courses for eminent publishers ChessWorld. Every course is 10-hours long and covers one very important topic form Strategy, Tactics, Endgames, Middlegames, Logic, Psychology… You can find full list of courses here: https://thechessworld.com/?s=Zlatanovic…

02 May 2022

The fourth book!

I am so happy to announce first part of great project is released. It is about covering whole chess strategy. First part is about strategic elements. Result is massive book with all you need to know about elements. https://thinkerspublishing.com/product/the-essence-of-chess-strategy-volume-1-strategic-elements/ Welcome…

03 Feb 2022

First place on international tournament “Paracin 2022”

In January I participated in solid international Round Robin tournament “Paracin 2022”. I played very well and finally finished first creating few real master-pieces. Tournament statistics can be found here: https://chess-results.com/tnr587629.aspx?lan=1&art=4&turdet=YES&flag=30

02 Dec 2021

The third book!

And my third book is released. It is volume 2 of “Eternal combat”. Here you can find how bishop and knight fights with presence of other pieces: rooks and queens. https://thinkerspublishing.com/product/bishop-versus-knight-the-eternal-battle-with-the-other-pieces-volume-2/ Welcome!

25 Jun 2021

The second book!

Finally, my second book is released. It is about eternal combat – bishop versus knight. Here you can find volume 1 where clear combat of two pieces is explained in details: https://thinkerspublishing.com/product/bishop-versus-knight-the-eternal-battle-vol-1/ Welcome!

02 Feb 2020

Unofficial Serbian rapid champion!

In January I participated on so strong memorial tournament “Slobodan Martinovic”, unofficial international Serbian rapid championship, where I convincingly took first place. Here is link to statistics: https://chess-results.com/tnr502933.aspx?lan=1&art=1

25 Dec 2019

05 Apr 2019

Another great result in European Individual Chess Championship

In March 2019, I have participated European Individual Chess Championship which was held in Skopje. Scoring 6/11 and earning 12 ELO points is great, but I had chances to fight even for more, having 4/6. Still, I must be satisfied…

15 Dec 2018

Great results on European Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship

I have participated in European Rapid and Blitz chess Championship, which took place in Skopje. After four days of tense competing on high level results finally were great. I scored 14/22 in Blitz and 9/13 in Rapid, finishing 38th in…

18 Sep 2016

Excellent performance at the First league of central Serbia

At just finished ¬†First league of central Serbia I played on the third board for my club “Radnicki – Vodovod”. I played some very interesting games in my style, patiently, not risky, as I always prefer in team competitions. Result…