World Championship match Carlsen – Karjakin

I must admit, just ended match for chess crown between Carlsen and Karjakin was perhaps most boring in chess history… but not the end! There are many reasons for that… Carlsen played without risk, perhaps wanted smoothly to go to tie-break waiting chance for win. That was new experience for Karjakin and he probably wanted not taking serious risk to neutralize Carlsen’s efforts and undisputed energy.

Match went to climax in its finish. Carlsen leading white in game 8 choose two wrong moments to force. Karjakin got chances and realized the second one.  Carlsen’s behavior at press zone was shameful. Still I think World Champion must be complete person, not only the best player ( Yes, I think Magnus is the best player, but I can name players with more impressive knowledge). Champion must be kind person, dedicated not only to fans, but also to journalists, organizers, whole public… That is reason I want to see another player on the top…Karjakin, for instance! And about Sergey… He was not prepared to play for result. He simply was focused to find the best moves… How to explain his 2o… d5 move in game 10? 20… Nf2 would force not so complicated draw, which must suit Sergey, but… We should not blame him for searching for the best moves. He perhaps blundered, but in some other occasion d5 would be excellent move ( it depends on Black’s intentions)!
And about tie-break… I think Karjakin was not perfectly prepared for that. Psychologically for sure not. How to explain game 3 in tie-break? For sure, Sergey did not find promising plan, and he, without reasons, switched to defense. Carlsen saw his chance and…he won match… 50. Qh6 in tie-break game 4 was perfect end of this epic match.

Congratulations to Magnus! He deserved title!

And Sergey… He deserved to be part of this epic drama. He deserved place in chess history, and he will deserve chess crown in future. With his kindness, with his unique playing style, with his dedication to this magic game, he got many fans all over the world… I am one of them. Sergey, come on! Вперед, Сережа! You can do it!

And about next pretender… It will be extremely interesting to follow next circle. Carlsen will patiently wait for opponent, and prepare himself from the top. Who will be pretender? Many options… There are many “old samurais” (Grishchuk, Kramnik, Anand, Svidler, Eljanov) and “young lions” (So, Liren, Giri…). Karjakin, Andreikin, Mamedyarov, Vachier-Lagraeve, Nakamura, Caruana also are serious challengers. What a mess! I have some favourites…

Who is your favorite…?

Can’t wait for next circle….