My first book is published!

Finally, I have achieved my dream – to become writer! My first book is finally published.

It is compilation of 100 the most instructive games perfectly exploring fundamental chess strategy in 8 chapters. Both beginners and masters will find a lot of useful things. The book has got excellent reviews. Special thanks to Thinkers publishing for their exceptional support. Looking forward to new publications!

Another great result in European Individual Chess Championship

In March 2019, I have participated European Individual Chess Championship which was held in Skopje. Scoring 6/11 and earning 12 ELO points is great, but I had chances to fight even for more, having 4/6. Still, I must be satisfied with result and stable play. More info on next link:

Great results on European Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship

I have participated in European Rapid and Blitz chess Championship, which took place in Skopje. After four days of tense competing on high level results finally were great. I scored 14/22 in Blitz and 9/13 in Rapid, finishing 38th in Blitz and 24th in Rapid, respectively, beating some of very strong grandmasters and earning a lot of new ELO points. I even got 2nd prize in rapid for the best players under 2600 ELO points. More info on next links: