First international tournament “Radnicki – Vodovod”

In March I have participated International tournament “Radnicki – Vodovod”. I started very well, scoring 3.5 out of 4 and later playing more carefully I made 5 draws in row, which was enough for getting last IM-norm! In last two rounds I missed good chances to finish 1st, but I am generally very satisfied with this tournament – mission is accomplished, I am a new International master!

Karpos Open 2013 in Skopje, Macedonia

In March I have participated very well organized tournament “Open Karpos” in Skopje. There were many good players and spectators enjoyed watching sharp battles. I have played many interesting games including easily made draws against best rated Croatian player Hrvoje Stevic and Hungarian superstar Ferenc Berkes. You can see tournament details on link below:

Rapid tournament “Karpos” in Skopje, Macedonia

I opened 2013 participating strong Christmas Rapid Tournament “Karpos” in Skopje, Macedonia. I played very well and without losing finaly shared the 2nd place. I played many interested games including a victory against strong Macedonian grandmaster Trajko Nedev and a easy draw against Bulgarian legendary player Kiril Georgiev. Scoring 7 points from 9 rounds was insufficient for taking first place. You can see results and standings on link below: